The Cheder of miami

Where It's Warm

Miami Beach’s New Center for Torah Education

Wondering what the Cheder is all about?

The Cheder of Miami was founded by Rabbi Tzvi Neuhaus and Rabbi Yaakov Burstyn to provide the Miami Beach community with a boys’ school that builds confident, growing, and successful Yirei Shamayim in a balanced, thriving, truly happy environment. 

At the Heart of the Community

In More Ways Than One

Rabbi Tzvi Neuhaus of the Miami Torah Center saw a need. He realized there were no boys’ schools in Miami Beach. So, he did something about it. 

He founded the Cheder of Miami with Rabbi Yaakov Burstyn, to provide the community’s boys with a stellar, balanced education in a Torahdik and growing environment. 

Located in the 41st Street area, and with a focus on developing warmth, happiness, and positivity, the Cheder is at the heart of Miami Beach – both literally and figuratively. 

Small School, Big Vision

Rabbi Neuhaus and Rabbi Burstyn are guided by a big vision: 

To provide the local community with a school that builds confident, growing, and successful Yirei Shamayim.

With small class sizes and a high Rebbe-to-talmid ratio, the Cheder’s experienced staff blend personalized attention with an impeccable Torah education and a top-tier secular curriculum.   

Sounds like a good fit?

Here's Why Miami Beach Parents Choose the Cheder for Their Sons

Caring, loving Rebbeim and Moros

Small class sizes

Balanced atmosphere and values

Individualized attention

Unbeatable location

Within walking distance (no traffic)

High academic standards

Warm, thriving environment

It’s The Cheder that Miami Beach has been waiting for.

Be a part of our community’s school.

Looking to make a difference?

Join the movement and help build the dream school for our community.